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We are in the final 2 weeks of 2016 and while many of us have our finger poised over the reset button for January 1st, I hit the reset button many, many times throughout the year. And today, I just hit it again. Well, last night.

Yesterday I posted about my personal winter guide  and how I manage to not crack apart and turn into sand during these dry, dark months. The outside is important, but even more important is the inside: our mind, our spirit, our organs and general functions of the body. We often forget that the outside is only as good as how the inside operates and that is what I am hitting the reset button.

My diet is the best it has ever been in my life, but something is off. This time of year I gravitate toward foods that are not the best, loaded in cheese – aka fat – and sugar because treats are abundant around Christmas.  While I have not “over done” anything in these areas, I feel a general sense of heaviness.  The rest button pressed today is a button to lighten up.

Reset my diet in a way that limits those oh-so-tasty, fattening and sugary foods that slows down digestion; get to bed earlier and work on getting a quality night’s rest; get back into my full workout routine (which has been sporadic at best); meditate daily and free my mind through writing.


I have slacked on the post a day plan I had when December started. I had the best intentions, but to post something for the sake of something does not a good blog make. Nor is it entertaining for anyone to read.

It is Sunday morning and when I was thinking about my lack of writing for a few days I decided why not just write a ramble post, no structure, just ideas and thoughts typed out.

The house is decorated for Christmas and Hanukkah.  My husband is Jewish so we celebrate both and with Hanukkah and Christmas eve on the same day is quite exciting! I have his gifts done and I cannot share those because he does read this from time-to-time. I have a few more goodies to grab which I may do today. I am also meeting up with my friend Lexi for brunch, then grocery shopping, then who knows!

Loads to do today and get done for the upcoming week.

Speaking of the upcoming week, I start my new position on the 16th. I’m nervous, excited, overwhelmed, over joyed, and anxious all at once. I’m not sure what to expect but I am expecting a very positive new chapter in my career. I wanted for so long to be out of a traditional customer service role and transition into something completely different and I got it. Not without it’s tears, lack of sleep, questioning myself moments, of course.  When I want something to change, I focus all of my mental energy on it and do everything I have to do to get it.

With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about where I belong in the expansive world of the web. There is so much content and I’ve been wondering how I fit in and what I have to offer. The truth is, this is not a full time job and I’m not sure it ever will be. Writing is something I’ve always done and always loved to do so my primary reason for posting is to write and share it. I want to share, inspire, and grow a community.  A community of people who work every day, take care of a home and family, and keep their happiness and hobbies as an equal priority.

Like all years, 2016 was the cliched roller coaster ride. I went through a few ups and downs, learned and grew up in many ways. As I approach the final decent and about to start 2017, I want to be sure I am being true to who I am, what I want to share, and what I want to do.

I welcome you to do the same.


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I’ve been thinking a bit about the demand for excellence and the amount of demand others place on us and the amount we place on ourselves.

Many of us grew up where grades were the most important part of life. What mark you received on your English exam was far more important than anything else on the planet at that moment. Everything was riding on that single letter, marked in red at the top of a page. Not everyone put as much effort into grades and failed or did well regardless – but still, that letter carried tons of meaning. It determined your worth when you came home to show your parents. If you got an “A” or a “B”, it hung on the fridge. If you got a “C” well do better next time. Anything past a “D” and the dreaded “PARENT SIGNATURE” left you walking home from school in shame. (I had a few of those, but math stinks, right!?)

As adults, we do not get grades but we are graded on every single thing we do from what we do in the office to what we do at home. Then there is everything in between…

The demand for excellence is no longer limited to tests or homework. As adults to be excellent is placed upon us by our bosses, our companies, our customers, our children, our spouses, our parents, strangers in the cars around us, cashiers, doctors, and the list goes on and on. On some level every single one of us has an expected level of excellence placed upon us and it is compounded by the expected level we place upon ourselves!

How often do we get a critique then beat ourselves up in our minds and demand to do better next time? Not just better, though… perfectly, perhaps? The “even better” standard can be anything from eating a better meal at lunch to shining the kitchen sink and the gradation of that “better” depends upon the person. Some may think better is not important. Maybe you’ll do better next time, if you feel like it… Then there are others whose “better” is nothing but pure perfection. Thus, the demand for excellence compounds from the outside world and the internal world.

I have not figured out a way to combat this conundrum, so if you thought this post would have steps to releasing the demand, well, I’m afraid I have no answers. The only suggestion I can make is to witness when others demand excellence from you, then see how much you’ve placed upon yourself. More likely than not the inner critic is way harder on you than any boss… and I’ve dealt with some intense bosses…