Whatever you believe, something is speaking to you.


There are moments when we hear a voice in our minds or see something and interpret it in a way in which you had no rational idea for why you interpreted it that way.  The key is to pay attention.

I’ve been that person to disregard what I hear, what I see if it doesn’t immediately resonate with my current understanding…and I’m sure I’m not the only one! As we grow as humans and try to figure what all “this” is about, being open to listening to new thoughts and ideas is imperative.

Think of the first day at your current job. When you walked in, you knew you had to go in with an open mind and open ears. You were entering a place where people are already in motion, walking around throwing out acronyms and names of people like a foreign language you have yet to understand. You have two choices: You can plug your ears and walk out, or you can remain open and to soak up all the knowledge everyone is willing to offer. The first few months of the new job is all about listening and receiving.

So whatever it is, right now, that is speaking to you. Whatever voice, symbol, person, or thought-process that keeps revealing itself, just listen. You don’t have to understand why or who or even how. All that matters is that you unplug your ears, open your heart and mind and remain open to whatever it is “out there” that is trying to get your attention.



There is something about March that sparks hope in me. Perhaps it is the coming of spring and the slow emerging from the darkness of winter. January 1st has nothing on March 1st; this is the real Happy New Year!  In fact, each month is like a brand new year, a blank sheet of paper ready for fresh ideas and fresh ink.

This month I am keeping it simple. I set 3 goals this month. I appreciate goals that require simple and daily right actions that hold a huge pay off once in the flow. My goals are not usually about saving up to buy a fancy gadget, rather, I love things that make me happier on a daily basis and therefore a better and well-rounded person.


Please let me know what your goals are this month. I’d love to know!

1. Meditation :: I need to get my you-know-what in gear and commit to meditation on a daily basis. Not some days, or once a week, but every single day. In January I was successful in 20 days straight of morning meditation, but fell off that wagon. I’ve been reading The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching and meditation is imperative.

2. Spending Freeze :: This one isn’t as fun. Let’s be honest… but it is necessary. For the month of March my plan is to spend only on groceries, gas, and obvious bills/payments. I have a bad habit of money burning a hole in my pocket and I tend to get very liberal with spending after payday hits. Above is my fresh daily spending sheet that I developed back in January. I’m still finding the perfect way to use it, adding and removing categories for each month. It’s not a perfect system, but I’m sure I will have it down in a few months. For the month of March, I’m keeping it to the bare necessities and focus on “free” fun such as reading, drawing, and spending time with my husband and dog! *More on this to come!

3. Creativity :: I love to draw and paint with water colors. I haven’t been inspired much the last month or two as being wrapped up in layers is not conducive for comfort while working on art projects. Each day my goal is to spend at least 30 minutes on a drawing. I do not need to finish anything, but 30 fun-filled, meditative minutes of drawing will get me back into a groove.