Blogmas – Day #1 :: Thursday December 1st, 2016

Since I don’t make videos I’ve swapped Vlog for Blog in the Vlogmas tradition. Essentially, people post daily video diaries from December 1st until Christmas Eve. I doubt my days will be as interesting as some of the others, but it could be for some fun and creative ways to build content!


I work full time so a “day in the life” would be just me sitting at a desk, typing and taking and placing phone calls. Today I wore navy ankle pants from Van Heusen, a pair of black heels, and a top from the Loft. It is a little big on me so I tied it into a knot at the bottom to keep me from looking like I am walking around in a polka dot tent. My watch is from Caravelle. I had my eye out for a nice, classic watch for MONTHS before finding this gem.

My hair is simple: I slept with it in a bun and then pined back the front sections in many bobby pins.

20161201_073039 2016-12-01-08-53-28


Currently Reading:

The Twelve by Justin Cronin

I read a section of this the night before last and ended up dreaming I was hiding from viral humans. Lesson learned: do not read before bed. haha!


I’m not sure if posting daily will happen, but I will certainly do my best!

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