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At the beginning of 2016, as I began my 2016 reading challenge, I saw that I had well over 100 books on my GoodReads To Be Read List. This list had been growing since I opened my account in 2012 and I added any and every book on the list that I thought I would read someday. As I scanned through the titles, many I did not even remember and more were saved in 2012 and had yet to be remembered, let alone read. So I did the unthinkable: I cleared my To Be Read list and started from scratch. The only exceptions made were those I do remember as an on-going “I want to read!” or those added in late 2015. That worked out to be about… 3. Then it reduced to 1. At this point in time I have only one book outside of the 2016 adds and I have 16 on my list.

I am also happy to report that I have added to that list  in 2016 and have read those books within days of adding. Now they sit proudly perched in my “Read” folder.

I tend to read across many genres and time periods. I do have my “safety nets” of World War I and II fiction or family sagas. When I am in a rut, those two topics are my go-tos.  As I review my 2016 choices, I have been in the mood for mystery/thrillers and a few non-fictions. My reading goal this year is to expand my genres, genders and setting. I’m looking to read more books written by men, plots outside of my usual choices, and in places that I know very little or nothing about.

As a reader, I evolve. We readers evolve. We go months or even years gravitating toward the same author, genre, or theme. We get cozy, but a little too comfortable. The fun of reading is to escape and learn. While I am leaning toward mystery/thrillers this year, I welcome this season and soak it up: not looking toward the past seasons or the seasons to come. But soaking up the current season of my reading life.


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