How a Face Primer Zapped My Energy


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Recently I watched a video by Canna of where she emphasized money as energy and financial transactions as an exchange of energy. It got me to rethink purchases and view spending as more than handing over a physical piece of plastic or paper. When we hand over our hard-earned cash for something we don’t feel good about we lose precious energy. I’ve heard this concept before but never fully understood it until a recent purchase at Ulta.

In the ever-evolving world of cosmetics, Laura Mericer reformulated their Silk Creme foundation, much to the chagrin of dedicated purchasers — including myself. After three bottles over 2 years of this liquid gold I was on the search for something new. I researched online, took some advice from my favorite beauty YouTuber and friend, Lisa, but I couldn’t decide between 3 finalists. I wrote each on a piece of paper, tossed them in a cup and let the foundation gods decide: BECCA it was.

Off I go to Ulta where I was promptly told the foundation I was looking at was way too much coverage for my skin. I was directed to take a seat where the beautiful girl pulled out a primer and CC Cream from It Cosmetics. She removed my make-up and redid my face with the new stuff. One hundred nine dollars later I was out the door sans pep in my step.

You see, I’m not a makeup girl. I used to be, but not anymore. I don’t look right with heavy eye shadows and liners and blush so my daily makeup is down to the bare basics: Foundation, concealer, eye brow powder, an eye lash curler, bronzer, and setting powder. So why I felt the need to add a primer wasn’t because I needed it, it was because I was “sold” it. I went to Ulta with the intention of buying a foundation and nothing else; the foundation purchase was an equal energy exchange.

To equate to a cell phone batter, my energy was full going in, but the battery percentage dropped from a 97% to about 45%. And it continued to go down over the next few days. That primer purchase ($50.88) slowly chipped away at my psyche. The night of the purchase I woke up in the middle of the night in an unnecessary panic and decided I needed to return the primer. Not because I did not have the money, but I felt like something wasn’t quite right.

I shook the feeling and kept on. I used the primer like the beautiful sales girl told me to, but every time I pumped the product onto my finger tips and put it on my face I felt nothing but disdain and regret. Yesterday, after five full days of this I decided once and for all that primer was going back.

I walked into Ulta, product and receipt in hand and asked the beautiful cashier to please accept the return. And with that $50.88 returned to my bank account and I walked out with a pep in my step and my battery shot back up to 97%.

The moral of the story is our money is earned through our time away from home and our mental, physical and spiritual energy. Some of that money has to go toward other energy suckers that are quite necessary: rent or mortgage, debt on credit cards, student loans, car and insurance payments, gas, etc. But the rest is ours! That money energy is ours to use as we wish! What a luxury! Think of it this way: Would you spend your physical energy on a workout you hate? For example, I don’t run. I’m not a runner, so I would rather use my physical energy on yoga or pilates instead of running. That is how we should view our money and when we spend it.

Just like a cell phone battery, we are recharged daily. However, we as humans are blessed with various ways of being charged: through sleep, food, laughter, love, and payday! How we use our energy reserves it up to the individual. To keep with the theme of this post, would we want use that precious energy reserved just for us and waste it on face primers that are over priced and not necessary?



  1. Jenn March 16, 2016 / 9:54 pm

    yes! on the flip side I was in Neiman Marcus last call yesterday before meeting friends for dinner. entire store 35% off! I walked around for :30, looked at every department and ultimately bought nothing. there was a day I would have bought something just because it was on sale or for the simple sake of buying something *new* – now that I’ve realized acquisition for acquisitions sake depletes rather than restores energy I’m just over it – really proud of this growth

    • Amanda11762 March 17, 2016 / 7:14 am

      Well done! 🙂

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